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What We Are About

Local Team

Not only does employing local ensure a low carbon footprint on travel, but as sticklers for training, we ensure each of our team learn the hospitality craft and the beauty of the Barossa to carry with them well into their future careers.

Bio Packaging

Our food packaging including straws, napkins, takeaway coffee cups, takeaway milkshake cups, takeaway cake containers and much more is sustainable. Biopak is rapidly renewable, sustainably sourced with plant based materials.


We recycle our newspapers, milk bottles, soft drink, wine and beer bottles. Our milk lids get donated to Helping Hands where they transform the bottle lids into prosthetic hands, 3D filament and other usable items


Water Saving Toilets

We use eco friendly toilet paper and our toilets are water saving toilets, so don’t be alarmed as the hand basin water turns itself off automatically.

Seaonal & Local Produce

Our menu changes seasonally, so that we are able to source fresh ingredients currently in season. A large proportion of these ingredients are locally sourced enabling us to support our growers / community and showcase the regional produce.