Wakatobi Bento Lunch Box $20 each


Wakatobi Eco Supplies is all about Eco Friendly and Reusable Products.

Behind the brand…

The name ‘Wakatobi‘ comes from a beautiful island in Indonesia, where a lifeless 9.5-meter sperm whale was found stranded off the coast. The cause of its passing was unknown, but what we do know is that a staggering of 5.9 kg of plastic items found in its stomach.
WWF and locals suggested that finding a stranded whale in Wakatobi waters is not common. Presumably, they think that the whale migrated to Wakatobi waters from Australia.
Despite the unknown cause of its passing, whether it was indeed plastic pollution that has caused massive ingestion or infection, it was a turning point that we need to face this issue head on.
Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastics enter the ocean. By 2050, the total mass of ocean plastic will exceed that of fish. Plastic debris kills an estimated 100,000 marine mammals annually, as well as millions of birds and fish.
That is why, we have named it ‘Wakatobi,’after a  beautiful island that has a significant story. Where its marine and nature life is known to thrive but due to harmful actions made by us human, it has endured such a tragic tale.
Knowing that marine plastic pollution goes beyond the region and causing harmful effects to the global environment, it is indeed a global crisis that requires global solutions. Businesses need to take responsibility for the full life cycle of their products and play their part in helping governments deal with this issue.
Wakatobi Eco Supplies is designed to reduce plastic pollution and climate change one product at a time!


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